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Oct 18, 2018

ILMS 5 – WII: Divorce, Forgiveness, and New Beginnings

Guest: Donna Pyle

Young, fresh, and finding Jesus


What does genuine warmth look like for visitors in the church?


Brokenness and Restoration            

  • making some kind of peace with our past
  • those who hurt to see us hurt
  • God is not a puppeteer



  • anger has its place
  • when life feels like a hurricane
  • the place of counseling
  • walking through forgiveness, rather than obtaining forgiveness


Forgiveness the book -


Without this Ring book -

  • every divorce is unique
  • sharing stories, a Christian counselor perspective, working through difficult emotions


Quenched book –

  • What is the well?
  • What are we seeking? What do you need?
  • being new to the church or being worn out in the church


The Myth of Forgetting and Forgiving

  • God forgets
  • The reality of trauma in brokenness
  • He promises to make everything beautiful in its time
  • Honoring sadness