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Aug 11, 2020

Special Guest: Justin Hanneman, PhD, LIMHP, pastor

GracePoint Relational Health


What is attachment?

“secret sauce”

Trust, sense of safety, and attachment from infancy to adulthood


Sense of safety at the subconscious level

Implicit memory + early relationships

Definition of implicit memory =


Love your neighbor and a

God as perfect attachment figure while we imperfectly try to love one another.

“Attentive caregivers are the answer.”

“We’re not always here to deliver from as caregivers, but to deliver in.”


How attachment happens:





Finding the relationships we need

Two types of relationships

What are our attachment needs right now in this stage of development?

Paying attention to our attachment reflexes


Brain health, mental health, and attachment


Grace, self-compassion, other-compassion, and attachment


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