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Mar 17, 2020

What is loss?
Gravis (Latin) to weigh down
Gravare (Latin) to make heavy
Grever (Old French) to burden or afflict

It's ok to ask lots of questions. It's ok to struggle.
Open the Word, gather with supportive people.

What kinds of loss come to mind for you when we talk about the idea of loss and grief?

There is no rushing loss and grief.
There is no hierarchy of loss or grief.

We witness to one another's struggle, and we witness His Word and what He's doing in the struggle to one another.

Your grief matters. Your grief is worthy of honor.
Disenfranchised grief:

Honoring many different losses – sharing stories
Losses not by death
Dealing with shame and relief and other complicated emotions in a loss
Losses with debilitating or chronic illness
Losses in marriage
Losses in less recognized relationships

Finding hope in the many losses:
God sustains us in any loss with His strength.
Growing to learn each day is a gift.
Nothing can separate us from God's love. Nothing. (Romans 8)
Recognizing the many losses in the Book of Job.
Isaiah 61:3

This is not all we have. Jesus brings restoration.

No easy answers. We simply witness alongside one another in the many losses of life. 

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