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Feb 8, 2018

ILMS 45 – Practical Tools for Anxiety

*This podcast is not a replacement for local mental health resources. Please seek counseling or other local resources you have available to address any mental health concern.


4 Part Anxiety Series:

Episode 42 – Distinguishing Fear, Worry, and Anxiety

Episode 43 - Defining Anxiety: A Recontextualization

Episode 44 - Developing a Theology of Anxiety

Today – Practical Tools for Anxiety


Scripture often misapplied

Mark 9:23-25

  • “I believe! Help my unbelief!”
  • there will always be a component of doubt in this broken world
  • Psalm 13, when doubts assail
  • The relationship between doubt and anxiety

John 17:14-18

  • Escape it or embrace
  • In the world, with His Truth alongside us

Matthew 11:28-30

  • With us in it v. Jesus just taking care of all the stuff
  • Implode, explode, or rest
  • Implode = shame, rumination, physical manifestation
  • Explode = crying, exercise, praying from our heart’s cry, screaming in a pillow
  • Rest = letting it be what it is, recognize God in it, read the Word

Judges 6-7

  • God invites questions, even weird ones, even full of fear

Luke 12:22-32

  • Relationship between anxiety and worry
  • Emphasis on care of savior, little flock language



Spiritual Care –

The Body Keeps the Score




What would you like to pray about?

What weights or pressures do you feel right now? (physical and metaphorical)


*Do not forget to refer to a mental health professional. Spiritual care is different than therapy and other mental health services.



Basic Mindfulness

  • Being in the today, tomorrow has enough trouble of it’s own
  • Beautiful reminders written down

  • Prayer journal




Gratitude List

  • 30 days, 3-5 things a day, never repeat the same thing


Handwritten cards and texts

  • share the burden, hand it to Christ with someone else


Romans 8:38-39

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