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Apr 4, 2019

ILMS 20 – Ministry Talks: Friendship and Ministry

1 Samuel 14:1-7 - Jonathan and his armor bearer


Step One of Friendship: Prayer


Step Two: Admitting friendship isn’t easy

Friendship will continue to be a challenge as long as we walk the earth

- God = relational, Genesis 2:25

- Satan likes isolation

- dual relationships

- Ministry and friendship are both personal


Step Three: Vulnerability = walking into a situation exposed

- no hiding

- Boundaries with flexibility

How do we drop the armor satan would put on us and pick up God’s armor so we can walk vulnerably into relationships?

1) Do the inviting

2) Know there will be hurt and pain

3) Two things that grow relationships – awkwardness and forgiveness

4) Addressing expectations directly, having uncomfortable conversations

5) Finding a script


Step Four: Mindfulness = awareness, bringing what is unconscious to consciousness

- consider the dynamics at play

6 things to be particularly mindful of for friendship in ministry

1) confidence and confidentiality

2) Misunderstandings and assumptions

3) Differences

4) Baggage

5) Power dynamics in ministry

- Address these honestly and upfront

6) Confusion of spirituality


Resources: Uninvited by Lysa Terkheurst

SWF seeking BFF by Rachel Bertsche

Focus on the Family article about friendship for teens -


Articles on friendship:

The Four Myths of Friendship

Bring me a Friend, Lord!

Tending Friendship

Dessert Night


Moving and friendship – addressed further in episode 15