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Aug 22, 2017

I Love My Shepherd 20 – Ministry Moment: Connecting Kids

Church as people, not a place -

1 Corinthians 12:12-14


Article about some unintended consequences of church as building-


How do children begin to understand grace?

Kids spell grace – Forgiveness and Fun

- Ephesians 4:7

  • envision a playground of grace

  • kids have the gift of zest and energy and seeing things through fresh eyes, and fun!


Erickson's Developmental Stages

Trust v. Mistrust (pregnancy-18 months) – Do we provide anything for infants?

Autonomy v. Shame (Ages 18 months–3 yrs) - Where can we give more patience and independence?

Initiative v. Guilt (Ages 3-5) – Where can we include them?

Industry v. Inferiority (Ages 5-12) – What gifts do they have to share?

Ego identity v. Role Confusion (Ages 12-18) – Have I asked their opinion? +

How can we encourage questions?


Simple ideas to connect with kids:

  • make room for them and rooms for them

  • things hung from kid friendly levels

  • bright colors

  • things to touch and feel

  • room and time for questions

  • get down on their level

  • treats, food, food, treats ;)

  • Little people sets, books, worship bags




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