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Mar 23, 2021

Special guest: Rev. Michael Newman


Tell us about yourself and your journey with grief.


What aspects of grief make growth challenging?

“big” and “small” loses

Grief upon grief + grace upon grace

Lack of cultural methods for honoring grief

shame/disempowerment in loss and grief



Relational resources designed to be shared

Hope When Your Heart Breaks

  • doses of God meeting you in darkness and pain of grief
  • for self, for others
  • good choice


Getting through Grief

  • adult and youth version
  • charting a course – 8 gifts God gives to help us through grief

conversation, forgiveness, love, hope, faith, community, purpose, presence


What practices help us connect to God, rather than turning away from God, in our grief?

Time to be in God’s presence

Dialogue with God

Watching for God’s work


Tell us about any particular resources you would recommend for grieving and growth. 

Resurrection story of Jesus

Joy of the Lord is our strength

Romans 8


Jacob wrestling with God

“Struggle Well” -

“God Meant it for God” by RT Kendall -

Henri Nouwen “The Return of the Prodigal Son” -

People in recovery programs

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