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Jun 30, 2020

Will You Fight for Me?

What do you each remember most about your wedding?


In what ways do you fight for one another in your marriage?


How is forgiveness part of fighting for one another in marriage?


How do you show each other you are fighting for one another?

Wellness exercise:

Make a list together of three...

Jun 25, 2020

Three Places to Never Argue


Where have you argued and it hasn’t gone well?


When and how have you experienced struggles in arguing in any of the three places:

Riding in the car

In the bedroom (especially preparing for bed)

In front of other adults


What value is there in letting an argument rest a bit?...

Jun 23, 2020

A Marriage that Bends


What magic answers are out there for marriage? What magic answers do you think people utilize to get to marriage growth?


How can 1st Corinthians 8:1 inform our marriages?


What things in the world attempt to “break” our marriage? Where is the comfort in knowing that God doesn’t...

Jun 18, 2020

Why Repair Attempts Matter


What topics of things poke at us and start a negative slide or cycle in arguments?


How do you usually switch gears or change focuses when you are having an argument and need to relieve some pressure from the conversation?


What repair attempts might you use intentionally?


Jun 16, 2020

Grouchiness in Marriage



What makes you grouchy? Especially in marriage, keeping a household, and family life?


How does the law motivate in marriage, or does it?


How does the gospel motivate more fully or better in marriage?

What does the gospel look like when you’d like to see a change in your...