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Jan 24, 2022

Topic: How does a family adjust to someone becoming an adult?

Developmental realities, independence and angst

The reality of Young Adulthood – How do I access independence?

A Story: getting your first cold and/or changing your major in college


Tip 1 – Celebrate small things of young adulthood

  • baby steps
  • reminds...

Jan 10, 2022

Question: How do we split up “the chores” of a household?

  • For marriage, roommates, families, etc.

Dave & Heidi housekeeping love story

  • Gottman research, wives find spouse doing housework erotic



  1. do what works, not what is...

Jan 3, 2022


How do we come to terms with the closure of a childhood friendship? What are ways to find contentment and peace when that friend no longer reaches out to us?

Submitted by listener, Emily 


our childhood BFFs

Research moment: 1 in 10 friendships survive into adulthood


  1. Children practice being a friend and...