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Aug 1, 2018

Ministry Talks 1 Intro

Welcome to a new series from I Love My Shepherd - Ministry Talks!


Are you in part-time or full- time ministry? Do you have a ministry degree or background? Is your husband or your wife in ministry?


This video series is intended to share insights around the Word about the unique joys, as well as the unique challenges to ministry life. We'll talk about the tensions of all that is good and hard in ministry, talk about the ministry's impact on home and family life, and encourage one another.


The series will always be grounded in the Word of God, while sharing psychosocial and systems concepts that are useful when considering how our lives interact within the church, our families, and our communities.


Here is a list of upcoming topics:

*Intersections of the ministry house

Wisdom for the ministry household

The influence of ministry wives and women in ministry

Friendship in ministry life

Boundaries in ministry and the ministry family

Expectations and the ministry family

Brokenness and the ministry family

God's calling and the ministry family

The unique testimony of ministry life

*Freedom in ministry life

Needs, wants, and ministry life

Financial wellness in ministry life

Spiritual deserts and spiritual mountaintops in ministry life

Difficult people and ministry


Please share your thoughts and ideas for topics in the comments.


I hope you'll join the discussion, gain some insight, and be encouraged.