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Nov 26, 2019

Episode 6 – Lack (and Enough)

New series:
Episode 5: Vulnerability (and Boundaries)
Episode 6: Lack (and Enough)
Episode 7: Courage (and JOMO)

What is lack?

Lack can be real, but hyperawareness creates scarcity

Where do we see it in individuals, families, and the church? (and what's the result)
1 fear and shame
2 hyperawareness and fixation v awareness of what we need
3 tucking in rather than connecting
4 never satisfied, running on empty

Lack as an individual
What dynamics play into our experience of lack v enough?
What areas did we experience a sense of lack in our family of origin?

Lack in community
Where is lack surfacing in your church, workplace, or other organization – is creativity and/or brainstorming allowed?
What has God given us here?
What is it that He has given us that is enough?

What does God say about lack?
Jesus in the Gospels
Philippians 4:9-13
Genesis 22
Romans 3:23-25

How do we combat lack?
Practice of enough – You are enough. I am enough. He is enough. Enough in Christ.
Culture of gratitude – link to Peace in His Presence podcast -
leaning into fear and wrestling rather than pushing it away

Cow thanksgiving - sunshine and leftovers = enough

Daring Greatly by Brene Brown (affiliate link)