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Dec 3, 2019

Episode 7 - Courage (and JOMO)

Vulnerability Recap:
It chooses to see the bigger picture.
It’s connecting.
It's a spiritual practice.

Episodes in this series:
Vulnerability (and Boudaries)
Lack (and Enough)

What is courage?
internal processes
external relational experience

Courage is relational and sacrificial.
Simon Sinek:

Courage is vulnerable.
Brene Brown:

Courage comes from encouragement, not just mental stamina.
Joshua 1:1-9
Courage isn’t only from the internal sense that “we can do it!” but the external sense that we are not alone.

Courage is just as much about staying in as it is going out.
- this can look big or small in our lives
JOMO - finding joy in missing out
ending the comparison game
Isaiah 53

"When it comes to courage we tend to ask ourselves the question:
What big thing am I doing?
I think the real way we discern courage in our lives is really by asking the question:
Where am I allowing myself to be seen?"

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