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Jan 4, 2018

ILMS 40 – Written in Iron Ink: Cross Cultural Ministry

Special guests – Christel Neuendorf and Rachel Jaseph


1 Corinthians 9:19-23

  • Paul’s wisdom on serving those “inside the law” and “outside the law”
  • Coming into different cultural places and spaces with different backgrounds


Lessons learned:

Ask questions

Don’t make assumptions, recognize your assumptions

Don’t group language groups into cultural groups

Consider the history of idioms and why people say what they say

Ask Questions ;)

Consider and look for subcultures in the US

Cultures change and develop

It takes time to gain trust. Be patient.

Don’t leave when it gets uncomfortable

Remember that other people have perceptions and misconceptions as well.

Ask yourself- How is someone understanding my intentions?

Relationship first, always

Be the Body – rejoice together and suffer together

What can I learn from people? Not just what can I teach.

Ask Questions ;)

Be present

Be in your community

People want to be asked questions ;)

Yellow and blue make green

People welcome others in different ways

Feeling like a foreigner is not always bad

Do not disparage each culture’s weaknesses

We’ll mess up, but we are covered by grace



When Helping Hurts

Toxic Charity


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