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Aug 10, 2017

I Love My Shepherd 19 – Written in Iron Ink: Cancer in Ministry

Special Guests - Rev. John and Sharla Fitz


When Wait is a Four Letter Word


God Loves the Word Wait


Waiting for Diagnosis, waiting for treatment decisions, waiting for changes


The Cancer Wake up Call:

  • the experiences of those around us

  • the shock of cancer at your front door

  • when many more years together may not be true

  • life can change in a moment


Cancer and marriage:

  • making sure your wife is well kissed each day

  • all the things you take for granted and that drive you crazy

  • attending to the tender mercies of each day

  • remaining steadfast, even when that looks like stubborn


Things to do in the waiting:

  • remember what God has done

  • the difference of the posture of praise

  • the positive what-if

  • growing through it


Encouragement for other people:

  • the understanding of experience with others who have been there

  • the witness of imperfect health, particularly in ministry

  • grace is louder in the weakness


How to respond to people to cancer:

  • ministry of presence

  • Phil's Friends - care packages for cancer

  • send a card

  • weekly checking in with the person battling cancer and the family

  • offering a measure of flexibility

  • someone to help go through drs visits and details

  • financial help for out of pocket expenses

  • prayers!


Encouraging Scripture:

John 11:25-26

Romans 8:28

1 Kings 17:7-23

John 16:33

John 14:27

John 11:1-44


He redeems everything.


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a publishing ministry of Good News Publishers.

All rights reserved.

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