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Feb 21, 2022

Topic: Where do I turn if I’m wrestling with my faith?


Intro: special guest Tanner Olson, Written to Speak, the poetry master


  1. Wrestling can be scary, but healthy
  • Can feel like a journey, a battle, a dessert, normalcy, mediocrity
  • Common Questions: Is God still who He says He is? Is God still close to me?
  • Validating your questions and feelings goes a long way in making wrestling feel safer
  • Keep talking to God – step toward relationship and revelation, getting to know God rather than always answering the whys



  1. Wrestling can bring growth and depth of faith
  • Find people you can talk to about the questions and wrestlings
  • Making peace with wrestling as part of the faith process

Research studies reveal wrestling as a widely experienced phenomenon:

Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion -

Barna -

Study of Islam - (Yaqeen Instititute for Islamic Research)

  • Predominate themes in wrestling:

moral and social concerns, philosophical and scientific concerns, personal trauma

  • There is nothing wrong with you and sometimes it’s hard to see we are loved, forgiven, free, etc.


  1. Everyone’s relationship with God looks different
  • We can rest in what we do know – “I know how this story ends”
  • Faith looks different in different seasons of life
  • Value of silence and stillness (Walk a Little Slower: pg. 104)
  • Wrestling in the daily walk (Walk a Little Slower: pg. 52)
  • Sometimes we think, sometimes we are invited to just be, sometimes we wait
  • What to look for in wrestling companions
  • Tanner wisdom: “Let the cheesy things still be true.”





Tanner’s books -

Walk a Little Slower -

As You Go -

I’m All Over the Place -

Short Answer: Let yourself be curious and let the cheesy things be true.