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Nov 29, 2018

ILMS9 - The Truth about Mental Health: Suicidality

Suicide Prevention Hotline -


Special guests: Brandon Hamilton, student, hiphop artist; Joshua Mertz, teacher


Podcast Outline

Brandon’s Song

The Ocean of Social Media

Body Image


John 10:10


Making faith your own


Just be the friend – be there for one person


One Last Breath on YouTube -


Koinonia groups

Sources of Strength -



Brandon’s Lyrics –One Last Breath

Have you ever been so off track

That every breath you wish was your last

Wished you could put on a plastic mask that could change the fact that your past

Is hurting your present self so bad that you never laugh

Unless you’re in the presence of people so they don’t always have to ask


If you’re okay or why your face is red and your eyes always look sad

You can’t be mad cause they care but you hate explaining it drags

You back to the place you don’t wanna go anymore because of it leading to

All of the puddles of blood that you made on the floor from the lines on your wrist when you slashed


Do you live in darkness?

Heart ripped up from hardships?

Shadows creeping up closer every day and you’re the target

True love lost makes you jump off the edge into this dark cliff

Or you’re not cute enough you bruise and cut until your wrist is hard skin


Whatever the situation is please take a second and listen

You’re way too special to visit

The grave and let your life quicken

There’s so much beauty in and out. Don’t shake your head like there isn’t

Open your eyes and take my hand and maybe let it this vision


You and I may not know each other but both have been through some pain

I knew the ruthless game

That Lucifer played 

Doubt grew into my brain

Hate and jealousy had preyed especially like flu in veins

I was truly a fool to blame 

The Christ of whom for you was slain


What I’m saying ain’t fake

I relate because I’ve been grey

Not so great and my brain was raging with hate and making me crazed

Each day I was in pain and afraid I would waste away

This is what I would say until I learned I was saved


I’m getting sick of fighting for what I want. There’s no more defense

I’m tired of the well-deserved punishments that the lord has sent

I miss just being bored to death

It’s better than getting more depressed 

Cause everything’s been crashing around me. My life’s been torn to shreds


More than less

It’s sorta been

A glorious mess

No more respect 

I’m lying on the ground, Satan’s above me and his sword descends

It’s way too heavy for my chest

I’m forcing breaths

Record and send

Ev-er-y error that I have made, make the Internet full, I’m a royal pest


I’m used to saying “Jesus Christ” to curse

I need to see your light in church

But I am hurt, this fire burns

You need to redefine the terms

Instead of bleeding, crying, worse

Turn it to healing, smiling. Work 

me into a teen disciple on earth

That would preach your life and serve 


I thought then the dark storm clouds had their way with me

Patiently waiting ain’t saving so I went and prayed on my scraped up knees

It’s amazing, he came to me majorly changing the way I see

Hate has a cage up here while his grace took my heart and makes it beat


Back when I was saddened feeling hopeless I figured out

I should open my ears to the biggest mouth

That spoke and it made me lift my frown

I’m bigger now

With Him I’m proud

Im gifted, how?

He’s given to me all his scriptures

Delivered his gifts no doubt

I’ve forbidden the sin and don’t sit and pout


From god our creator

He gave us his son the savior 

Today is the day we made up our brains and prayed for our haters

Get away from thangs that negate you to raise up to praise our maker

He’s what let me feel like a giant when ripped like a piece of paper


Happiness is magic when you haven’t had it! No adjectives

Can describe just how vast all this passion is cause he grabbed our sins

Took it with him, extracted it, threw it at Satan’s advocates 

Our Lord isn’t your average patient weak little pacifist 


Even in your darkest time

It’s hard defining dark from light

To spark the fire starts inside

With knowing you’re never too far from Christ

Our martyr tried with his hardest might

He fought and died for all our lives

But still lives inside your heart and mine

So you aren’t confined insular in this darkest of fights


Suicide Prevention Hotline -



Connect with Brandon on social media -

Snapchat: @tranzlucentmc

Instagrams: TranzlucentEmcee