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May 24, 2018

ILMS 61 - The Truth about Mental Health: REST

Special Guest: Brenda Jank from Run Hard Rest Well


Marva Dawn - Keeping the Sabbath Wholly


Misconceptions about keeping the Sabbath

- Brenda’s, ours, the worlds

- mangaling God’s gifts


Personal retreats

  • rest well
  • listen carefully
  • produce nothing


The intentional work of tasting rest

  • the gift and challenge of children
  • the gift of grace over guilt
  • permission from our loved ones to rest
  • transitions and our need for rest

4 Rhythms of Rest

The Rhythm of Sleep

- deep emotional, physical, and relational need for sleep


The Rhythm of Sabbath

- relational rest

- time to pray and play

- reconnecting with God

- reconnect with the people we love

- as a family, having a rhythm and stop doing what consumes our focus for 6 days

- acknowledge the difference between entertainment and rest


Ask the question: What will refresh us?


The Rhythm of Stillness


The Rhythm of Solitude


Vantage Point: A New View of Rest, Rhythm, and the Work of God


Teaching our children to rest


Guilt and Ministry -

Mark 1

Spirit led not guilt driven

Ezekiel 20

Psalm 92 (espeically verse 14)

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