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Jan 28, 2020

2-part series – complicated things we experience in our mental health internally
complicated things we experience in our mental health externally

Blog series at – The Many Sides of Mental Health

Paradox and duality and the complications of life

Mental Health brushes up against:
lifestyle choices
the weird and wildness of our bodies

What dualities exist around us and in our life?

dualities of God

Examples of dualities in our lives

Some of the dualities of mental health:
Agency (choice) and happenstance
Relationships and self-differentiation
Worth and Humility
Acceptance and Constant Work
Microaggressions and Good Intentions
Apathy and Passion
Age 4 and Age 40

Mental health is complicated because of internal workings and also because of external things, particularly because we exist in relationship.

Internal Dualities of mental health:
Worth and Humility - self-esteem, Child of God identity, and The Ego
Acceptance and Constant Work - living in reality but putting in some effort where we can
Apathy and Passion - letting God do His work, but also being zealous in ours
Age 4 and Age 40 - God sees and cares for us at every stage and knits our past, present, and future

Ephesians 4:6

The Truth about Mental health, just like every part of us is that it has many, many sides and life in relationship: it’s not so simple, but wholeheartedly worthwhile