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Nov 8, 2018

ILMS 7 – The Truth about Mental Health: Depression


Guest: Pastor Gabe Kasper


I Love My Shepherd Mental Health Core Value: Everyone has it.

Connections of physical, relational, mental, and emotional health.


Gabe’s story


Symptoms of depression – anxiety, insomnia, spiral thinking, panic attack, loss of focus, loss of motivation, frequent crying, desire to escape, suicidality and suicide ideation  


Triggers and life transitions

The emotional spiral

  • God’s work in our spiral
  • When life doesn’t make sense
  • He comes to us in our pit


Resources for depression:

Beck’s Inventory – ask a primary care provider (

Useful at home mood and depression check -


Depression “comes out” in different ways for different people

The relationship of anger and sadness


Finding some help

  • Seeing a doctor and addressing what our body needs
  • Relearning the Gospel for this season
  • Honestly speaking our hard thoughts and struggles


Leading from Vulnerability


Family Life and Depression

  • The usefulness of humor
  • The gift of support and advocating for your loved one
  • The impact of parental support and authentic sharing
  • Therapy for wellness - tending to mental health


Leading on Empty by Wayne Cordero -

I Don’t Want to Talk about It by Terrence Real -

My Name is Hope by John Mark Comer –


Searching the Psalms

Psalm 20

Psalm 22

2 Corinthians 7:6


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