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Dec 21, 2017

ILMS 39 – The Best Christmas Gift for Your Marriage

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Top 3 Reasons I hear for not getting presents for your spouse:


No need

Not their love language, they don’t care about gifts


Intentional messages v. unintentional


1 Corinthians 11:1-2

Remembering your spouse


Mark 10:9

Closing the space in our marriage


Focusing on the rule, not the exception


Other things we learn by gifting:

Slowing down to remember someone

Stewardship of money in giving

            Dave Ramsey “name your money”

Balancing expectations



Cookbook marked with dates you’ll make stuff

Date night with babysitting and planning done

Splurgy groceries

Better toiletries

A haircut

Man party

Target dollar spot

Encouragement in a box/jar

Starbucks for One, Taco for One, Lunch for One



Extra resource:

John Gottman – And Baby Makes Three

  • “the greatest gift you can give your baby is a happy and strong relationship between the two of you.”



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