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May 17, 2018

ILMS 59 - Ten Minutes of Patience

What are the things and people in life that refine your patience?


How is patience different Biblically than our basic understanding of patience?


Ten Minute Truth #1 - God is in charge, so we can stay in the present.

Jesus is always present - through His time on earth and also in His Spirit now.


Impatience = wishing away what we have right now


Ten Minute Truth #2 - Technology and devices aren’t evil, but do impact our moments.

  • missing the moment for the picture of the moment

Ten Minute Truth #3 - Patience is more circular than linear.

Matthew 18:26-27

  • patience feeds on patience
  • God knows the long game


Ten Minute Truth #4 - The eyes of faith change our lens.

Hebrews 11:13

  • sometimes we just have to wait and that’s just reality
  • other people have had to wait and do wait, not only us

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