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Mar 31, 2018

ILMS 51 — Lovely

What would you describe as lovely?


Ten Minute Truth #1 - We are looking for lovely.


Biblically lovely is applied to God’s creation, God’s dwelling place, and relationships. 


Ten Minute Truth #2 - Communicating “you are lovely” is complicated. 

- There is vulnerability in sharing what is lovely about someone.

- I see myself differently than those that love me see me. 


Ten Minute Truth #3 - God calls us lovely. 

Song of Songs 6:4

  • delicate is beautiful 
  • strength is beautiful
  • God sees us clearly/completely


Ten Minute Truth #4 - We see other people as lovely creations of God. 

Psalm 84


What biases do we have that mess with the way we see people as lovely?


Philippians 4:8

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