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Feb 23, 2021

The research:

2017 – 3 part research project – confirmands, young adults (2000+), focus groups YA

Relationships Count available for free -


Other research available:

Fuller Youth Institute Sticky Faith Research


Barna Trends in Youth Ministry:


Goal: Youth can name five people who walked with them.

  • know their name
  • know several things about them
  • check in with them outside of programs



What elements make up a supportive relationship?

Retaining the relationship over time

Caring in joys and sorrows

Christ-centered example of living out faith in life

Openness to letting them walk with you through life

preparing for transitions and responding to crisis

Cloud of witness, varied perspectives



What is missing for youth and young adults if they don't have supportive relationships in their lives outside their family members?

Being seen and heard, listened to – being a mirror to the value God has for them

People to identify their gifts, skills, and passions

sacrificial love and knowledge of the truth

Bringing law and gospel to them in the most accurate way



What are some ways adults can nurture relationships with teens? How do those relationships change and grow as those teens enter young adulthood?

Champion for youth – church workers and invested lay people

Find the young people

Foster connection – find ways to maintain relationships into adulthood


Ways to keep the relationship going -

More than one touchpoint, keep coming back

Makes things special around transitions still

Re-opening mindfully with value-added


Who was there for you?