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Jan 11, 2018

ILMS 41 – Ministry Moment: Happy Hour

Happy Hour

Where it came from…

  • One pastor’s idea for welcoming people in
  • Get to know one another in the congregation
  • Invites neighbors, friends, strangers in a comfortable setting to know the Body of Christ



  • 5-8pm or time of your choosing
  • 2nd Friday of the month or steady date each month
  • email invites, verbal invites
  • prep and plan appetizers, drinks
  • budget


Why? The Purpose

  • relational ministry
  • inviting the unchurched, the churched, the church across the street
  • no agenda, no prayer, no Bible study
  • transparency in ministry
  • giving people a new perspective of the church
  • a time of rest and conversation in busy life


Acts 2:46-47


The Art of Neighboring


ESV Bible translation - Copyright © 2001 by Crossway,

a publishing ministry of Good News Publishers.

All rights reserved.

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