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Jun 8, 2017

Show notes:

I Love My Shepherd 13 – Written in Iron Ink: Individuality
What is the value of individuality?
How do we balance individuality and community?

Guests: Karen Groves, mom, wife, quilt artist, creative crafter, treasured friend
Colleen Oakes, mom, wife whose husband happens to be a pastor,
author of the bestselling Queen of Hearts and Wendy Darling series, all around fun and sweet gal

Define it -
Merriam-Webster :

Psalm 139:14-16
Romans 12:6-8 (4-5)

Who are the BORG and what do they have to do with individuality? ;)

“Do the things you love to do, and don't do the things you don't.” Wisdom from Karen Groves
How do our ideas of service collide with trying to maintain our individuality?
1 Corinthians 9:19-23

Anything But Typical blogpost
How can we honor the differences between ourselves and our spouse? Ourselves and our friends?
How does embracing our own individuality affect others?

Embracing hard dreams
What work would you most like to do?
One person's dream is different from another's – individuality!

Creating community in your individuality
The Body of Christ should be a safe place
Finding community in your spouse – hold fast in the storms
How do churches and how do we become Christians who build up individuality?

Colleen Oakes
instagram @colleenoakes
Karen Groves instagram @greengroves

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