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Jan 25, 2018

ILMS 43 – Defining Anxiety: A Recontextualization

*This podcast is not a replacement for local mental health resources. Please seek counseling or other local resources you have available to address any mental health concern.


4 Part Anxiety Series:

Episode 42 – Distinguishing Fear, Worry, and Anxiety

Today - Defining Anxiety: A Recontextualization

Episode 44 - Developing a Theology of Anxiety

Episode 45 – Practical Tools for Anxiety



Incorporating Biblical/theological and psychosocial perspectives


My proposed definition: An internal biological response, as well as an uncomfortable conscious and unconscious, or subconscious response to present events related to past experiences


4 parts to the definition:


Hormonal, neurotransmitters, neuroatonomical components

Useful Articles:

Martin, Elizabeth I.Ressler, Kerry J., Binder, Elisabeth, and Nemeroff, Charles B. The Neurobiology of Anxiety Disorders: Brain Imaging, Genetics, and Psychoneuroendocrinology , Psychiatric Clinics of North America, 32(3): 549–575,


■Charney, Dennis S. and Drevets, Wayne C. (2002). NEUROBIOLOGICAL BASIS OF ANXIETY DISORDERS, Neuropsychopharmacology: The Fifth Generation of Progress. 913ff.


Medications have their place and purposes

  • Important for the church not to shame people for using medication
  • See a specialist, a psychiatrist in particular
  • No magic pill, consider the other parts in the definition


Past and present


Inside Out

Powerpoint of my presentation on anxiety -

  • therapy- an important component for wellness


Discomfort and response

Escape it or embrace it?

Connection is key to healing

            - Christ with us in the murky waters of a messy life

            -  the work of the church and the gift of relationships around us


Anxiety is experienced on a spectrum, just like any mental or physical health struggle.

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