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Apr 10, 2019

ILMS 22 – Altogether Beautiful: Middle Schoolers and Teens


Altogether Beautiful Identity

Concept of the Sense of Self


They are asking: What are my personal values and beliefs? What are my goals? What are my ideas? Can I share them?

Ask: What they think about a current event? A big topic?


Build trust by listening, with no judgement, freedom to disagree, gentle guidance/boundaries


Dealing with comparison

Say: You are beautiful. But also You are strong. You are smart. You messed up. You are forgiven. You can figure this out. I’m happy to help. Tell me what you need.


Altogether Beautiful Friendship

Teach social skills: learning to listen, valuing conversation, asking questions, what demands a text, what is a snap chat, social media post, etc. what is public and private, humor v making fun,


Teach friendship skills: showing up when someone needs them, friendship is different than teamwork, friendship is different than similar interests, trust and confidentiality, listening to know, inviting and accepting invitation, encouragement


Find our “Others”:

What do you think a good friend looks like?

What part does forgiveness play in friendship?

What part does accountability and boundaries play in friendship?

Where is Jesus the perfect friend when others fail us?


Altogether Beautiful Faith

Jesus in everything


I Spy God at work

Ask: What is God up to? Where do you see Him? What do you think He wants from you? Where is He sending you?


Intentionally Drawing Near


Big theological concepts are important, relationships are more important