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Nov 10, 2020

Sense of worth = an internal awareness that as created creatures of God we have value

How does God’s delight in us inform our sense of worth?

  • Concept of mutual delight, God to us and us to God


Struggle with worth - Delight is not determined by what I do.

  • Seeing our worth based on our relationships with people
  • Worth based on what we do or my performance


Engaging in God out of response

  • playing from delight v playing for it
  • what is our vantage point of God? Father of Love v. Father of Judgement


Our worth within the narrative of God’s plan:

Creation to New Creation


Holding the tensions of life together to see God’s delight is still with us in difficult things:

repentance and delight

the now and not yet


Justin’s book – Delight! Discipleship as the Adventure of Loving and Being Loved:*

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