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Feb 11, 2020

2-part series –

complicated things we experience in our mental health internally
complicated things we experience in our mental health externally

Blog series at – The Many Sides of Mental Health

Dualities in mental health we are covering in this series:
Agency (choice) and happenstance
Relationships and self-differentiation
Worth and Humility
Acceptance and Constant Work
Microaggressions and Good Intentions
Apathy and Passion
Age 4 and Age 40

Making peace with a bit of mystery and the complications of life –
Ephesians 1:7-9
There is always more to know, to discover, more mystery. That's a good thing of God.
One day, when Jesus comes back, we will see everything more clearly.
We exist in both contentment and wrestling. Again, this is a good thing of God.
Without the wrestling, the stress is often increased in one way or another.

Today’s dualities are highly relational dualities, often reflected in our closest relationships:
Agency & Happenstance - Which does our culture lean more toward? Which do we lean more toward? How can we exist in both?
- brokenness and choice
- privelege and choice
Relationships & Self-Differentiation - How do we understand us within our relationships with one another? How do we understand ourselves outside of our relationships with God alone?
- Bowen's family systems theory
- empathy v. trying to hold someone else's emotions and anxiety
Microaggressions & Good Intentions - Where do we see microaggression in our midst? In what ways can we be honest and bring those to the light, so that we can have confession and forgiveness as a community and own the ways we have hurt others or devalued others?
- define microaggression
- being honest to cut out racism and sexism and the -isms in our midst
- no matter the intention, there is a place for confession and forgiveness

The Truth about Mental Health: We all have it.

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