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Oct 13, 2020

Episode 7 – The Truth about Mental Health: Hope

Special guest: Tanner Olson, aka Written to Speak


Get to know Tanner

Why is hope so important for our mental health and for our relationships?

Hope changes the narrative

Hope as the bridge between mental health and our relationships

The power of sharing narrative

Sharing hope on the internet


Hope with words

Hope without words


Honoring the heavy to get to the hope

Sitting alongside someone in the back and forth of sharing brokenness and hope

Finding Joy in our smallness before God


Poetry Break: Somedays  


Searching for a definition of Hope

Big H hope and small h hope

Big and small spaces for sharing hope


Poetry Break: Stay


What are the tiny things of life that give us hope?

What’s your confetti cake?


Find out what their Star Wars, or their Space Jam, or their confetti cake is


Poetry Break: As You Go + pg. 57


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