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Jan 31, 2019

ILMS 15 – Ministry Talks: 6 Dynamics of Ministry and Marriage

Vocation and amplification


Marriage Dynamic 1 – What’s Love and Respect Got to Do with it?

criticism and sensitivity

questions and practical suggestions


Marriage Dynamic 2 –They appreciate me!

Communicate early and often:

Ministry is not less when done at home

State what you need

Assume the best

Get very creative


Marriage Dynamic 4 – I don’t want to burden him/her!

The crazy caregiver cycle

What all needs your time - block days and creating time


Marriage dynamic 5 – But we have no money!

I wish we had just a little more

The miracle of a paycheck

Honoring provision

The struggle of debt (Ministry Talks - Finances and Budgeting -


Marriage Dynamic 6 – The Spiritual Mountain top and the Spiritual Desert

Tending to faith and Co-conspirators


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