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Aug 1, 2018

Ministry Talks 5 – Discouragement in Ministry


Where have you felt discouragement in life? In the Christian walk? In ministry?


The power of normalizing and naming it

- Discouragement is normal and not shameful

- Apostle Paul and discouragement

John 16:33

 ESV - tribulation

 NIV – trials and sorrows

 Greek = thlipsin/thlipsis = pressure, that which rubs


What tensions do you have in ministry or at your church?

Where do you experience the pressure or stress internally?

How do you “let it out”, whether positive or negative?


Discouragement - Encouragement - Courage/Take Heart


Psalm 27:14 – waiting and discouragement


Psalm 31:24 – take heart, be fed

How does God feed you?

  1. 1 – the experience of shame
  2. 2 – when or where have you needed rescue, received rescue
  3. 11 –feeling outcast, less than, unwanted

 v.12 – the weight of your own brokenness and the weight of brokenness in the world

  What is discouraging to you in the culture around you?


Work through Psalm 31 and write down all the references to Who God is and how He is at work.

He is faithful. He gives courage.


Please share when you have been encouraged by God or His people!



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