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Sep 22, 2017

Show Notes:

I Love My Shepherd 22 – Chasing Freedom Audio Bonus 1: Freedom to Let Him Write that Story

It can not be argued that the apostle Paul has a fantastic story.


We can chase freedom through rumors, gossip, and reputation.

            Where have you seen this?

We can chase freedom by wanting someone else’s life and testimony.

            What parts of your life or times in your life have you wished for something else?



Galatians 1:11-24


Paul's story is different from every other apostle's story

  • each of our stories are different and look different

What has God done in your story that stands out to you, looks different?

  • no one’s story is lesser than, or better than


  • Wiersbe Bible Commentary – His nonconformity was divinely deliberate.


Freedom through transformation

Paul's transformation is a huge testimony to God's work that can not be ignored

  • We are the giant blinking sign that says, “God at work here!”
  • 3 things God did in Paul's life, through the Spirit, to reveal Himself to others
  1. v17 Paul studied the Word
  2. v18 Paul met with people 
  3. v19-20 Paul let his story shine God's Gospel light


The beauty of letting God, not man, not even myself write that story, write my story.

Challenge: Who can you share your story with today? How can you share your story?



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