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Jun 22, 2021

The epistles are what I like to think of as “big-word books.” They teach us about abstract concepts like propitiation, redemption, atonement, and righteousness. This can be intimidating, but also enlightening.


Today’s spiritual practice gives us grace for when we encounter big words in Scripture or big ideas. Our goal today is to also build our ability to sit in not knowing “the answer” and discovering new ideas about God or new understanding in our relationship with God by simply engaging with His Word.


A Reading from Jude from the ESV translation

            Dave’s contemplation:


            Predictions of the apostles

            Names in the passage 


The practice:

Read through one of the letters of the New Testament or a chapter of the Bible

(Romans is always a good place to start if you aren’t sure where)

Focus on a word or phrase you don’t understand or are simply intrigued by



Look at context

Scripture interprets Scripture

Look up cross references in your study Bible or on a Bible app or concordance

Ask a friend about it

Post on social media to hear other people’s thoughts on the word (considering the source and with the filter of the Word of God) or bring it up somewhere else

Pray for God to direct you in His Word to knowledge and understanding about this concept.

Ask a pastor or other theologian about Hebrew and Greek

Find the other related narratives in Scripture




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