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Apr 29, 2021

Always Growing: The Spiritual Practice of Adventure

Practices for spiritual growth – always focusing on drawing near

Greg Finke = Where are we going today, Jesus?

Joining Jesus on His mission -

God wants to do daily life with us –

Name 3 places you go in your day or week that God goes with you

Life is an adventure – Seeing the adventure right where you are at

What adventures can you spot in your own home or family?

How do we encounter trouble in our daily life?

How do we encounter questions and searching?

Where do we encounter resolution and restoration?

Where do you see God sending people to help you along the way?

The Open Hands -

Slowly read through a short passage in the Gospel accounts.

  • Who is Jesus connecting with in this account?
  • Where is He going?
  • What is He doing and/or saying?

Open your hands up and ask God where He would like to send Jesus into the world, through you today.

How is the Holy Spirit faithfully directing your words in daily conversations? Remembering experiences of adventure and God’s faithfulness