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Apr 13, 2021

Episode 16 – Always Growing: Practices for Spiritual Growth

being with God v. producing something for God

We can be doing all kinds of things for God, but very little to draw near to God.


Today and to come: four practices for drawing near

useful every day and especially useful for connecting to God in and around our challenges

Thanks to CPH for letting me pull apart this article and use it a little more.


What are your practices for drawing near to God?

Organic as well as intentional

Being aware/conscious in our traditions


Where does the growth from your daily practices/yearly practices come from?

Which are adding growth and awareness and which are added extra?


Reading God’s heart rather than about growth


Gottman Sound Relationship House Theory -

Drawing near = connecting with God, building love maps with God, rituals of connection with God


What is stopping us from drawing near to God? Identify your barriers

Where is God working to transform you through those challenges?

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Always Growing in Awe

The Spiritual Practice of Woah

“Sometimes we need to see and remember God as big and infinite. He can’t always be understood through the relationships we see and experience here on earth. As you sit down to draw near, pull out Genesis 1 or Job 38. Look around you and notice one detail of nature and creation. Consider God’s voice speaking this thing into being.

  • What care does God have for this one small detail?
  • What authority does He have over it?
  • What gift(s) does He give us through it?

Imagine how Jesus will restore all things in the new creation. Ask Him what He has put before you to steward and care for in the meantime.”

Give yourself a moment to be woahed by God and His care of all things.