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Oct 14, 2017


I Love My Shepherd 29 – Chasing Freedom YA Bonus 4: Freedom isn’t all about you

What is the difference in God being willing to die for each of us individually and God dying for the whole world? How is it possible both are true at the same time?

John 10:10

Galatians 4:7, 31

What things can we become enslaved to in...

Oct 13, 2017

I Love My Shepherd 28 – Chasing Freedom Audio Bonus 4: Refusing Someone Else’s Identity: It’s a Joint Effort

What does it mean to be a Child of God?

Freedom from the beginning, through the redemption plan

  • Sin’s confusion in our existing freedom

What identities would Satan want us to find ourselves in,...

Oct 7, 2017

I Love My Shepherd 27 – Chasing Freedom YA Bonus 3: Arguing for freedom with open eyes


Have you ever slept with your eyes open? When, where?


Talking about things that matter, does not always mean we will be heard.

  • Identifying Truth + speaking it in love
  • If you can, name one situation in your life you’d like to...

Oct 6, 2017

I Love My Shepherd 26 – Chasing Freedom 3: Freedom in Fresh Ink

We are marked people. 

Maybe you have a tattoo, maybe you don't. Maybe you believe in tattoos, maybe you don't.

  • Tattoos and the Bible = Levitical law (Leviticus 19:28)
  • Bigger question is what are we marking ourselves with, what is worth marking ourselves...

Sep 30, 2017

I Love My Shepherd 25 – Chasing Freedom YA Bonus 2: Freedom in Friendship without Fear

Questions to consider:

Do you have a friendship you wish you could get back? Reconnect with again, go deeper, love more?

What is real friendship? What does it look like?

  • List as many qualities as you can that make up a...