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Apr 19, 2018

ILMS 55 - Written in Iron Ink: Tending Marriage

Leah Heffner from and Life Around the Coffee Cup


The ripple effect

God of the Overflowing Cup (Psalm 23)

Resting on the foundation when it’s hard


Building up one another’s marriage

Friendships that build marriage with accountability

Praying together...

Mar 31, 2018

ILMS 54 —Worthy of Praise

What things around you are worthy of praise?


Ten Minute Truth #1 - The Creator is worthy of praise.

God reveals Himself in His Word and in His creation.


Ten Minute Truth #2 - It’s easy to praise everything but the Creator.

Ed White, astronaut quote- 

Mar 31, 2018

ILMS 53 — Excellent

What says excellent to you in the world around you?


Ten Minute Truth #1- God does value excellence.

He is Holy and Excellent.


Matthew 5:28

God expects excellence.


Ten Minute Truth #2 - The culture is searching for things which are excellent.

Matt and Kim lyrics - 

*warning: explicit content...

Mar 31, 2018

ILMS 52 — Commendable

What things in this life are commendable?


Leadership and commendable

Arnold H. Glasow


Ten Minute Truth #1- It is commendable to commendable others and Jesus rather than self.

Praising the Fruits of the Sprit



Ten Minute...

Mar 31, 2018

ILMS 51 — Lovely

What would you describe as lovely?


Ten Minute Truth #1 - We are looking for lovely.


Biblically lovely is applied to God’s creation, God’s dwelling place, and relationships. 


Ten Minute Truth #2 - Communicating “you are lovely” is complicated. 

- There is vulnerability in sharing what is...